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Alliance For Kids®

Innovative programs designed just

to make the hospital easier for kids

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Alliance For Life
Whole Health Clinic

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Innovative programs to make the
hospital easier for teens and adults

Our Work

Hospitalization for a child can be a potentially  traumatic event

 Our pediatric programs give children innovative ways to communicate to reduce the trauma of illness and hospitalization 

Over 200 Americans are dying a day from a opioid misuse . 

We believe that direct patient education and caring support work together to prevent dependency. We provide trauma-reducing innovative, evidence-based programs to ease hospital and disease trauma to protect everyone’s long-term health  Prevention is key.

We have placed services in 20 hospitals. 
Our newest program. Alliance For Life Life Whole Healthcare Clinics will virtually reach the many who can't get access to preventive care.
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We have provided services for
over 200,000 patients in
three countries
In 10 years we have developed 10 successful programs to help kids and adults heal 
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Brand Partnerships

We work closely with our Brand Partners to develop mutually-beneficial fundraising campaigns, co-branded merchandise, media, and experiences that have an incredible impact .


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Our Wellness Services

Health and wellness courses and support services outside of the hospital setting. All funds raised go directly to helping a hospitalized patient in pain.