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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Story

Alliance For Kids is a registered 501©(3) nonprofit organization. The Mission of Alliance For Kids, Inc. is to provide innovative programs and resources to enhance healthcare specialist services for hospitalized patients and their families. We started in 2011 when Jane Miller and her team of Child Life Specialists saw that parents of hospitalized children needed more resources. They created a resource database on common childhood diseases and illnesses that would be a resource for families before, during, and after their hospital experience. From there, we had our first major donation of different types of stuffed animals which we presented to a group of hospitalized children to determine their favorite. It was a unanimous vote, the children loved the monkey. This is where our programs began.

Our award-winning programs tackle issues as small as providing activities for a child, to large issues of important research to advance healthcare. Child Life Specialist Fellows work together with our Life Pain Specialists to educate hospitalized patients in patient-centered care terms on what they will be experiencing while using our programs.


Our patient-centered care programs help distract patients while they are undergoing difficult procedures and teach them how to manage pain. Our research is focused on advancing healthcare and apply this knowledge to our

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Meet The Team

A Letter from the CEO and Founding Chair


Happy 10th Anniversary to Alliance For Kids.


 Our lives have changed so quickly it’s hard to imagine a silver lining in the years of Covid -19. I think it’s essential to start by being grateful for the precious things we do have.  Our most valuable strengths are the caring board of directors, donors, and volunteers we have. Our family, who are working hard to help us, not only survive but strive to continue our vision, making a difference in the lives of those faced with hospitalization.


Do you sometimes feel when you walk outside you have walked into an altered universe?  I know I do. Sometimes change is good. 

We have adapted and adopted new ways of thinking, and new ways of helping and healing in ways we could only dream of before. 


We have adapted our new Life Pain Specialist position to include training for emotional support for patients with specific needs like patients with Covid 19, Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell disease. Our 2021 goal is to build virtual clinics for high-risk patients to receive care emotionally and physically when they are at home.  A team of Doctors, Social Workers, Life Pain Specialists, Child Life Specialists, and Resource Specialists all in one place.


We are looking forward to starting these innovative ways of helping others. As always We invite you to join us in this new Superhero Adventure. Be apart of the team that develops ways to support patients at the hospital and safely at home.


Be safe, Be well, Be kind, and Be happy,


Jane Miller

CEO, Founding Chairman

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